Why is portable emergency safety equipment essential in the changing environment of a construction site?

Do you want to explore why the construction site must have portable emergency safety equipment? Want to find how emergency showers are essential in the changing environment of the construction site? If yes, then this blog gives you the detailed explanation about why the construction site must have portable emergency safety equipment like emergency showers

At present, the construction implementation and techniques have changed a lot. There are new infrastructure processes and new building methods are introduced in the construction industry. There it is necessary for the construction sites to adapt to these changes and meet the current demands very effectively. 

A safe workplace leads to better end results. Keeping the workers safe while doing hard work is responsible for all kinds of industries, especially construction industries. It is necessary to install the best portable emergency safety equipment such as emergency showers at the construction site to increase workers safety. 

Why do construction sites need portable emergency safety equipment?

In general, a construction site is the messiest place where the environment will be fully surrounded with cements, dust, pollution and much more. Continuous working in the construction site with all these obstacles can lead to several injuries and accidents. To avoid such accidents, having nearby safety equipment can be effectively useful.

Arranging the provisions for the emergency safety equipment is not an easy task. It will be more challenging when the site doesn’t have the proper access to the power supply or water supply to ensure the water stays at the better tempered level. Due to that, eyewash/face stations and emergency showers have become very much essential. 

If the construction site cannot make such an installation, then sure using portable emergency safety equipment is the right choice. High quality portable emergency safety equipment can guarantee worker safety and give immediate access when they meet any accident. 

Benefits of portable emergency safety equipment:

The top notch and the most advanced portable emergency safety equipment can provide many exclusive benefits to the workers in the construction site. The portable emergency safety equipment can give quick response to an accident (i.e.) within 10 to 15 seconds. Such portable shower units can effectively drench water at 20 gallons (76 litres) per minute. 

It can provide emergency treatment to the workers in the construction site when they have got any serious injury or damage to the eyesight with hazardous substances. Workers can find this portability option very useful since they don’t need to run anywhere around the site for the emergency shower. 

The portable equipment are perfectly designed by considering the changing conditions in the construction site. There will be a plastic-line cylinder that will be charged with the pressure constantly. It only needs the hose connection from the water main to fill and use it very easily. The design is very compact and hence it can be easily stored when not in use. It is also to be noted that just one person is enough to move the cylinder due to its large pneumatic tyres and stainless steel frame. 

The portable emergency safety equipment can provide a different range of solutions according to the construction site’s temperature conditions. There are different ranges of pre-insulated and trace takes heated models available for ambient temperature that need the heated solution. 

You can find some jacketed variation of the original model that is painted with acid-resistant paint externally and lined to overcome internal corrosion. It can provide the overall frost protection and let you explore more benefits. 

The jacketed and heated models can benefit a lot from the CFC-free polyurethane insulation and heavy duty polyethylene outer jacket. It makes them the best choice for rapidly changing construction site environments and conditions. 

To be helpful for longer distances and work better in the uneven surfaces, the portable emergency safety equipment comes with the towing hitch and A-frame. Both these unique options can let any vehicle tow these safety equipment and take everywhere the help is needed.

 It is also possible to alter the wheel space, since the portable unit can easily fit through the standard door openings. Hence it can be very much helpful for indoor use like acid stores or laboratories. 

Increase safety on the construction site:

The portable emergency units can provide more safety on the construction site. Along with that, it is also better to connect the emergency showers and eyewash stations to these portable units. 

It can surely provide the targeted and maximum relief. It is effectively designed to grab the complete benefits of the full size shower, in the compact and small portable unit. 

Such working conditions may need some more safety precautions when no supplementary showers are available on the sites to support the usage of the portable emergency units. 

The larger portable emergency safety equipment is ANSI compliant that has the capacity of around 530 gallons (2,000 litres). Such units are filled with the water by hose and it can be easily transported to the location where the standard towing hitch is available. 

Ensure the workplace safety:

Generally, portable emergency safety equipment is very essential to provide immediate help to injured workers. It can also provide many exclusive benefits that help them to meet various demands and the changing environment of the construction site. Hence using these portable units can ensure your workplace safety to the next level. 

Protect the workers:

The advanced portable emergency safety equipment can also protect the workers very effectively. Workers are important personnel in the construction site. They are the ones who will face more damages and injuries due to the tough work. Therefore having these emergency portable units can help them to recover quickly when they got any injury. 


From the above mentioned scenario, now you have got the top notch idea about why the construction site must have portable emergency safety equipment. Now you can use portable emergency safety equipment and emergency showers on your construction site and start increasing the safety. This kind of protection equipment can protect many workers’ wellbeing.

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