What is the Rice Purity Test & How do you Play?

You may have heard about the Rice Purity test. If not, then you’ll find out in a while.

Basically, it’s a checklist game with 100 questions that have caught the attention of many youngsters around the world, especially among College Students. This test consists of a wide range of personal questions, which started at Rice University in 1924.

You may be asked questions like holding hands (which might be questions between 90-95) to more mature, adulting & personal questions.

The necessity of this test is to judge and tick off the things you’ve experienced in your life to see how ‘pure’ or ‘innocent’ you are.

Excited to know more about this? In this blog, we’ll see what the Rice purity test is, and you can play this fun game to get a good score out of 100.

What is the Rice Purity Test? 

The rice purity test is basically a self-graded survey that started at Rice University. The test comprises of 100 questions typically related to romantic relationships, social interactions, and other various adult activities you usually do in closed doors or want to keep secret.

Once you are on the dashboard, you will take the test by checking off the items that apply to you. The more items you check, the lower your ‘purity’ score.

Started in one university to create a fun activity among the students just to measure how much life experience their peers had. Eventually, it became popular across other campuses and then into the world of the internet.

It’s important to note that this test isn’t scientific or official in any way. Instead, it’s become a lighthearted and informal way for people, especially young adults, to reflect on their experiences and often to bond over shared experiences or laugh about their innocence or adventures.

What is the content of the Test?

Wouldn’t it be interesting to know what the test will look like and what kind of questions you might be asked? Right?

In the 100-question list can range from activities like holding hands, kissing, or night dinner to more intimate or seductive experiences.

Some questions may consist of participation in activities that may look rebellious to some, risky, or even illegal, like skipping school, using substances, or engaging in petty theft.

How to Take the Test? 

The Rice Purity test isn’t as complex as you think, rather it is pretty straightforward.

Surprisingly, this test is readily available on various websites. You need to search for “Rice Purity Test,” which can lead to the test dashboard.

Before you start, understand that the test is for entertainment and self-reflection, not a severe assessment of character. It’s essential to approach it with a light-hearted attitude.

For each question, you simply answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ based on your personal experiences. There’s no need to overthink your responses – just be honest with yourself.

After answering all the questions, your ‘purity score’ is calculated. This is usually done automatically on the website. The score is out of 100 – each ‘no’ answer adds a point to your score. The higher the score, the higher your ‘purity’ is considered to be according to the test’s criteria.

How has the Rice Purity Test become a Cultural Phenomenon?

Some people might feel awkward answering questions on such a wide range of topics, including personal experiences, relationships, and behavior.

On the other hand, taking this test has become a social activity for many. Many people opt to take the test together, comparing their scores & discussing the questions. In this case, it creates a sense of camaraderie & shared experiences among friends or peers.

In college and university settings, there may be a certain level of peer pressure to conform to social norms or expectations. The Rice Purity Test, while lighthearted, touches upon societal taboos and norms, creating a platform for students to explore and discuss their experiences in a non-judgmental way.

How can we miss the meme culture that recently boomed in the internet?

This test has also been embraced by meme culture. Various memes and references related to the test circulate on social media, contributing to its viral nature and further embedding it in popular culture.


To summarize my above article, the test, which started as a fun activity at the university, has become a cultural phenomenon among many youngsters around the world.

Serving as a lighthearted self-reflection tool, the test’s popularity lies in its humorous nature, role in social bonding, online accessibility, and integration into meme culture.

So, I think you understand what the rice purity test is all about and how you can participate. Don’t you? Did I help you to serve as both a source of entertainment and a unique way for individuals to connect over shared experiences and reflections on the journey of growing up with this fascinating Rice Purity test? Comment down your thoughts!

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