Top Must-Visit Places in Nepal for an Unforgettable Trip

Top Must-Visit Places in Nepal for an Unforgettable Trip

Nepal is a country surrounded by mountains, rich in natural resources, diverse in culture, and a nation of kind-hearted people.

No matter how long one stays in the country, it is impossible to cover all the beautiful places the country offers. It is so natural for anyone to visit this place again and again as everything here seems to be so perfect. 

Life here is simple, fun, and carefree. People here are ready to help you in every situation possible. It is a tourist-friendly place that can make anyone feel like home. 

Especially for nature and mountain lovers, Nepal is an ideal destination. The long list of trekking sites and mountain ranges to choose from is one of the best parts. 

The country has real authentic food, coming from the beautiful cultures of Terai (planes), the hilly region, and the mountain community. The food here is flavorful, healthy, and, most importantly, cooked with love. 

One can see restaurants and small cafes in every part of the country. The hospitality offered by Nepalese is considered one of the best all around the world. 

Even though Nepal has so much to see and experience, here are some of the best places and cities one needs to visit for a deep dive into the culture, beautiful nature, and authenticity of Nepal.

Nepal tour offers breathtaking landscapes, rich culture, and adventure opportunities in the heart of the Himalayas. Whether you’re trekking to Everest Base Camp, exploring the ancient streets of Bhaktapur, or seeking spiritual solace in Lumbini, Nepal tour promises an unforgettable journey.

Kathmandu (Capital)

Kathmandu, being the capital city of Nepal, has a touch of almost all the parts of the country. People from all over Nepal come here for work, education, and to settle. 

Kathmandu is vibrant and very happening. The people here are warm. The capital is home to many UNESCO world heritage sites like Pashupatinath Temple, Swayambhunath Temple, Changu Narayan Temple etc. 


People come to these sites for both religious purposes and to explore the history, art, and architecture. Kathmandu is famous for its monasteries and temples. 

The area specially designed for tourists in Kathmandu is called Thamel. Thamel has a much-lit nightlife.

Also, one can shop for the best souvenirs, woolen clothes, trekking gear, and many other fancy things that one carries back home. 

Most of the homestays, hostels, hotels, and small motels are located in Thamel itself. Booking a Kathmandu tour package is the best way to explore these beautiful places simultaneously.

There are so many other destinations around Kathmandu, like Dhulikhel, Patan, Bandipur, Birgunj, Shivapuri, LakuriBhanjyang, Jhor waterfall, Chandragiri hills, and many more.




Pokhara is one of the most beautiful cities in Nepal. It is the very first place anyone would recommend you to visit in Nepal. 

This city is known as the city of lakes. The city has eight famous lakes situated. Also, one can say that Pokhara is super clean, the air here is fresh, and almost all famous mountain ranges are seen clearly from all the corners of the city. 

The city is also a starting point for many treks, like the Annapurna base camp trek, Poon Hill trek, and many more. The Fewa Tal, or the Fewa Lake, is one of the city’s biggest highlights. 

Boating and canoeing in this lake is very peaceful and fun at the same time. The sunrise point called Sarangkot is a must-visit sunrise spot in Pokhara. This place will guarantee you the most beautiful sunrise of your lifetime. 

The city is also famous for adventure sports like rafting, bungee jumping, zip-lining, canoeing, etc. Most of the local cafes and small restaurants here serve delicious Nepali cuisine.

 Luxury villas and resorts near the FewaLake provide the best hospitality and seven-star experience at very affordable prices. 

The nightlife in Pokhara is super happening and lit. Overall, the city surely will stand up to your expectations. 


This place is located about thirty-two kilometers away from the capital city. This place is very popular as a rejuvenation or staycation spot among the locals. 

People come here for peace and to escape the hustle and chaos in the city area. Nagarkot provides the best view of the mountains and the hills surrounding the capital.



The view here is spectacular, and one feels mesmerized here. It is located at an altitude of 2175 meters from the sea level, which is quite high compared to the city of Kathmandu. 

There are both affordable and luxurious resorts and hotels for overnight stays. One can also choose to camp in safe areas allocated for camping. The place is quiet and peaceful. 

There are very few hotels and shops nearby, which makes the place less crowded and more authentic. Make sure you decide your place of stay beforehand as it could be difficult to find hotel rooms at the last moment, especially during peak holiday seasons.


Bhaktapur is one of the best-preserved places in Nepal. The streets, monuments, and buildings here can teleport you to ancient times. 

Most of the damages due to the deadly earthquake in Nepal have been restored. Bhaktapur is a hangout spot for many Nepali youngsters and for those interested in culture as well as history. 



Some of the best highlights of the place include Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Nyatapola Temple, Potter’s Square, Bhairabnath Temple, National Art Gallery, Char Dham Temple, and many more. 

The place is famous for juju dhau, which translates to king of curds. A special curd called juju dhau is thick, sweet, and freshly made here. It is everything one needs during a hot day of travel. 

The cafes here are famous for Tibetan dishes as many Tibetans live here who arrived as refugees back in time. The pottery sessions here are fun and a great way to explore art.


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Janaki Temple

Janakpuris is situated in the plains of Nepal. The place is famous for ponds and hence is called a city of ponds.

It is also the born and brought up place of Goddess Sita, wife of Hindu Lord Rama. The place is a religious site for Hindus all over the world. 

One can learn about the Ramayana and Hindu festivals on your visit to the city of Janakpur. 

The Janaki temple, named after Sita, is one of the main attractions here. The food here is inspired by Mithila culture. 

The Hindu festivals are celebrated with a lot of effort and, hence, are very grand. It is a must-visit place to explore a different side of Nepal and learn about Hinduism.

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