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Best Practices to Fight Against the Challenges of Know Your Investor Solution

Learning about the investor has become a relatively challenging thing in this digital world. Legal businesses are in dire need of online assistance that will help them maintain their regulatory compliance and save them from hefty penalties that a company gets when they connect themselves with a shell company. To get a successful business journey it is necessary to have a Know Your Investor solution within systems that will allow the business with diverse chances of future growth and less exposure to criminal activities.

It was recorded in 2022, that the average rate for investor fraud cases in Singapore was approximately 2.5 thousand and it is still increasing. To eliminate the higher risks of being involved with any corrupt counterparty, Know Your Investor service is a must-have. This blog will talk about the challenges a legal business sector faces to verify potential investor.

What is an Investor Verification Service?

Investor verification solution is the process of validating the shareholders before connecting with them. This step helps companies in securing their future from digital identity thefts and all kinds of other fraudulent activities. If businesses want long-term relations with their investors then they should evaluate whether the counterparty is eligible to create business affiliations or not. 

Challenges For Know Your Investor Solution

Know Your Investor faces a wide range of challenges including:

  • Insecurities of Employees

If a company does not have any Know Your Investor solution then it becomes difficult for them to evaluate the authentic ones. The employees who work in such organizations feel insecure and they are more exposed to fraud-related activities and unprecedented criminal attacks from unauthorized businesses. Therefore, it is necessary to verify potential investor as it is the only thing that will make the legitimate business sectors secure and crime-free.

  • Legal Paper Complexities

In old times, when a client invested in a company they had to face a lot of complexities while filling out the documents. Shareholders need the help of company workers to fulfill the requirements of the legal papers. This process was too lengthy and needed a massive amount of effort which made the client less interested in the agreement. To solve this issue Know Your Investor solution has advanced its methods of verification with artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms by which counterparties can instantly fill and submit the papers. Now they do not need the help of any office worker to clear out the document details for them, the system automatically generates a notification of how to solve the complex details. Moreover, it also provides eligibility criteria to verify investor.

  • Signatures Complications

In the past, investor onboarding was a quite difficult task. For instance, when the company had to verify investor background, they overburdened the shareholders with a lot of documents that they had to fill out.  Business investors had to sign all these legal papers which became the reason for customers losing their interest in the agreements. 

  • Absence of Manual Follow-ups

In manual systems of validation, to verify potential investor, customers have to sign on an ample amount of pages that exhaust them and they lose their interest in any kind of investment.  Moreover, the procedure was relatively time-consuming. To combat these complexities of manual systems for evaluation, businesses should have an online Know Your Investor solution that will save both the time and money of the client.

How Investor Accreditation Verification Is Helping the Financial Business Sectors

Verifying the shareholder by the process of qualified investor verification is an essential step in getting authentic clients globally. It provides businesses with a great chance for future growth and high income from international investors. Moreover, being an accredited shareholder can allow businesses to connect with companies at small scales. Businesses can have less exposure to fraudulent activities and unprecedented criminal attacks. The finance-based sectors are of the high priority of imposters. Hackers pretend to be their companions but end up being enemies, who scam the banks and fintech industries with friendly frauds.


Know Your Investor solution is helping businesses with instant verification of their counterparties. Imposters are leaving no loopholes for authentic businesses to get success. Therefore, this solution of investor validation allows legal companies with diverse chances by which they can easily combat all kinds of fraudulent activities. Moreover, the purpose of investor verification is to ensure that legitimate companies will get authentic shareholders from all over the world. This solution helps businesses enhance their brand image and gain more income. Furthermore, companies can easily protect their identities from exploitation by implementing investor verification service.

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